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To Witness A Stephen Curry Shot Live Is A Precious Gift For Basketball Lovers

Basketball is a popular sport that has created its own individual niche in the world and is constantly expanding due to the presence of some immensely skilled and talented players in the world. Now, here we are specifically going to talk about a gifted and renowned player of NBA; National Basketball Association. His name is counted among the most capable basketball players in the world and is definitely a star to witness for the Golden State Warriors team of NBA.

Why is Stephen Curry shot so admired?

Stephen Curry shot is in vogue among the basketball lovers because of its sharpness and remarkable accuracy. His techniques and strategies to allow the ball to slide into the basket are phenomenal and have acquired him to attain the aura of the greatest shooters in the history of basketball. He is a fantastic player who knows very well to shoot his target without even a shriek of nervousness on the field. His confidence defines his perfect shots and engages everyone’s eyes on the field. The accuracy he reflects in his shot is noteworthy and worth a watch both from the range of three-point shots and also from the free-throw line.

Bend The Rules:

The rules are one of the biggest things to consider when you come out to play. Remember one thing that when you are trying to make a Stephen curry shot, you must not bend the rules because you will be disqualified at a second.


Lining Up the Shot:

This happens to be the most aggressive part because you have to be ready to shoot immediately after you catch the ball. So beware of it and get ready to show your aggression and fire it up!

The Motion:

The motion part depends on the position you are playing. You can make an intense motion if you manage to take the proper position and the grips of the ball. So be ready for it and make the move straight away.

His ranking is 5th among the free throw line players in the world which is outstanding and an achievement worth mentioning here. In fact, the Stephen curry shot has made him the fastest player in the history of NBA to create 1,000 three-pointers in his amazing career, and also in less than 88 games as played by the preceding record player of the world. He is one of the supreme players of all times as he broke his own world record for the three-pointers that were developed in a season while playing a match against the Portland Trail Blazers. After posting the amazing average of 23.8 points along with 7.7 assists and two steals in each game, he has been voted the most valuable player of NBA.